What’s happening to us because the GP is closing down?

It has become common knowledge that the GP practice that we are in is closing down. So people are naturally asking if that affects us or if we are closing down as well.

What is happening to us? We are going nowhere. We have had a relationship with the landlord for 20 years and they are happy for us to continue in place.

The Physiotherapy practice and Chiropody practice are going to remain the building. We will be pivoting to independent practice, so there may be some changes over the next 6 – 12 months, but we are committed to working through this period of confusion and coming out the other end with more services, and taking the opportunity to grow in a way that we haven’t had the the chance to previously. We will have the space to hire additional staff and provide different services

Do not worry – we will still be there to help you.

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Colin Lloyd