Leixlip Physiotherapy Clinic is a small local physiotherapy clinic that has served the people of Leixlip and the surrounding area for over 20 years. We offer personalised one on one treatment designed to get you back to your normal life as quickly as possible.

  • June 8 COVID-19 Update

    With the decreasing lockdown we are opening some of the days to people coming into the clinic.

    Available slots can be seen in the online diary, or you can call the secretaries.

    We will be opening up days as demand increases.

    See the link below for current precautions. A mask is required (we’re in a space for more than 15min) and we would prefer that you bring your own.

  • May 11 COVID-19 Update

    May 11 Update – adding some appointments

    We have started to open up some times for in clinic treatment. These will not be available on the on-line diary. If you click the book now button you will still only have an option for a tele-health appointment. Make an appointment. If you are a familiar client, we may just call and offer a in clinic appointment. Otherwise we will use the tele-health time to assess your situation.

    This also means that we will reduce the time you need to be face to face with us in the clinic because we’ve asked all the relevant assessment questions, and it is actually better to be able to do that remotely if possible, so please don’t regard a tele-health appointment as a fob-off. It’s a useful and important first step in our assessment of how to proceed with your case.

    If you are coming in please be aware of the precautions we have in place

  • CV-19 update 30 March

    CV-19 update 30 March

    Due to the lock-down we are effectively closed to new clients for physical treatment. If you have an urgent need for physio, go to the online diary and make a Tele-health appointment and we will contact you and do an assessment via video chat. From that we will be able to determine if you need exercises that we can prescribe over video, or if we need to bring you into the clinic on an urgent care basis.

  • Covid-19 Corona-virus

    Covid-19 Corona-virus

    As of 12 March 2020
    We are open as normal. We are taking appropriate precautions

    The Medical Surgery that we are in has moved to appointments only for their morning clinic, so there are no longer huge numbers of people in the waiting room – usually not more than 2 or 3, often the waiting room is empty.

    I am well, and taking good care.

    We will have available a 15 minute telephone consult for 30euro, where I can call or video chat with you to discuss ongoing rehab or new injury.

    Obviously if you have symptoms, don’t come in. We have no problems with rescheduling should you fall ill. We can wait until you are better and then pick up the rehab process later on.

    Should this change we will update the website and Facebook pages. If we need to cancel appointments that will happen by text and email.