• Welcome to Leixlip Physiotherapy Clinic!

      We are a private physiotherapy clinic in Leixlip in North Kildare.  We have been providing quality treatment in our current location for more than 15 years. We provide the best physiotherapy treatment for Sports injuries, back pain, neck pain, joint, muscle and nerve dysfunction, headaches, arthritis, neurological conditions, paediatrics, ergonomic complaints, biomechanical issues and orthotic prescription.

    • What is a Chartered Physiotherapist?


      A Physiotherapist is a professional who aims to reduce pain and correct dysfunction of physical injuries.  Physiotherapy is not complimentary medicine, but a scientifically based health profession allied within conventional medicine.

      To qualify as a chartered physiotherapist, a person must have completed a full four year bachelors program from a recognised university. In Ireland DCU, RCSI, Trinity, and University of Limerick are the institutions that award these degrees.  Training to be a physiotherapist involves not only education in musculoskeletal and sports problems, but neurology, cardiology, respiratory, exercise science, human biology and much more.

      To be a Chartered physiotherapist you must also be a member of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists.  This is the professional body that certifies that your therapist is fully trained.   To maintain their membership they must adhere to regulatory and ethical guidelines and complete CPD (Continuing Professional Development), which ensures your therapist is fully up to date.

      A Chartered Physiotherapist will have the letters MISCP after their name.  This is your protection that you are being treated by a qualified practitioner.


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